Character creation and development Edit

Character creation

Character creation screen (Japanese version)

Characters are created by using Character Cards (additional cards must be purchased from the game service store). There are two kinds of cards, basic and premium (a newly created account or an account with no characters has one free basic card). Premium cards give the player a wider variety of hairstyles, eye and mouth shapes and also come with more elaborate clothes than the basic type. Players can also choose from three available races: human, elf (since Generation 5, Chapter 2) and giant (since Generation 6, Chapter 2). When creating a character, one may choose an age between 10 and 17 years-old. The character will advance one year in age every (real) Saturday. Different ages yield different initial stats and affect the amount of stats raised when levelling up.

Rebirthing is one important factor of the game. Unused Character Cards can be purchased to rebirth existing characters instead of creating new ones. Rebirthing allows the player to change the character's age, gender, appearance, and reset the character's level back to 1 while keeping all previously learned skills. When a character reaches the age of 25, aging will not be rewarded with Ability Points and levelling-up gradually becomes more difficult as the character's level becomes higher. Since all skills require a great amount of Ability Points at a higher rank, there's a limit to character development if players don't take advantage of rebirthing.

While engaging in most activities, the player must keep an eye on the three major status bars: health, mana and stamina. When health reaches zero the player dies (if fatally wounded, the player may still recover health or get healed), while mana is used for magic skills. Stamina is important because without it tasks cannot be performed. The player may use the rest skill, use stamina potions or eat food to recover stamina. In addition to stamina, The character can also get hungry, which prevents stamina recovery.

The player's eating habits will affect the character's build, that is, eating certain foods in large quantities will increase their weight (it may also raise/lower some of their stats). Eating berries has a slimming effect, gradually reducing the character's weight. These transformations happen over time, so the player may also watch how the character's body starts to change.

Each (real world) day of the week grants players specific bonuses, such as getting a higher experience rate for certain skills, higher item creation success, aging, gaining AP, etc. Players can take advantage of these bonuses to quickly advance their character builds.