Counter-Strike Online 2 is the upcoming second instalment of Counter-Strike Online powered by Valve's Source engine.


Valve and Nexon have partnered together to unveil Counter-Strike Online 2. The upcoming first-person shooter is the sequel to the free-to-play, 2007 shooter Counter-Strike Online, which has been a huge phenomenon over in Asia.

As stated in the press release...

Under the terms of the agreement, Nexon Korea will develop and be the exclusive publisher of Counter-Strike Online 2 in Japan, Korea, China and other areas in Southeast Asia. Nexon Korea intends to continue to leverage its proven development expertise and deep understanding of local markets to make Counter-Strike Online 2 one of the leading first-person shooter titles in the region.

Counter-Strike Online 2 will offer enhanced graphics, more realistic gameplay and powerful impact sensations powered by an enhanced version of the Source engine. The game will also feature various game modes enhancing its original game experience with new and improved environments, weapons, equipment customization and more.

1 month after announcementEdit

On April 4, 2012, Nexon announced:

  • CSO2 will only be released in the Asian regions.
  • CSO2 will use the latest update of Source engine.


  • Counter-Strike Online 2 will use Source engine, same as Counter-Strike: Source.
  • Gameplay more realistic.
  • Probably will use the same system as Counter-Strike Online.
  • Counter-Strike Online 2 will be launched to all current Counter-Strike Online regions.