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CSO gdm02

Gun Deathmatch is a game mode in Counter-Strike Online based on a custom game mode in Counter-Strike, Gun Game.


Based on Deathmatch, this mode only has one extended round. When starting the game, the players are given strong weapons. If the player kills a certain amount of enemy, weaker weapons are given and so on. The last weapon is Glock 18. If the player managed to kill an enemy with Glock 18 the player will be able to obtain HE Grenade to kill an enemy. Once happened, the match will be over and the player will be chosen as the winner.

Compatible MapsEdit

Map Image
Camouflage Cs camouflage cso
Industry2 Dm industry2 cso
Suzhou Dm suzhou cso

Arrangement of WeaponsEdit

Level Weapons
1 CSO m4a1 CSO ak47
2 CSO sg550 CSO g3sg1
3 CSO tar21
4 CSO aug CSO sg552
5 CSO m16a4 CSO an94
CSO m14ebr
6 CSO awp CSO xm2010
CSO svd
CSO m95
7 CSO scar CSO xm8 CSO xm2010
8 CSO famas CSO galil CSO kriss
9 CSO k1a CSO usas12 CSO thompson
10 CSO mp5 CSO stg44 CSO mp7a1
11 CSO m3 CSO xm1014 CSO m1887
12 CSO m249
CSO hk23
CSO qbb95
CSO mg36
13 CSO scout
14 CSO p90 CSO kriss
15 CSO deserteagle CSO elites CSO anaconda
16 CSO tmp CSO mac10 CSO infinitysb
17 CSO p228 CSO fiveseven CSO infinityss
MAX CSO glock18 + CSO hegrenade


  • In some maps, one team may get an advantage due to the map design.