CSO hostage rescue

Hostage Rescue is an original mode available in Counter-Strike. It is the first gameplay mode for Counter-Strike.


Hostage Rescue are modes that have maps where the Counter-Terrorists' main objective is to rescue the hostages. The hostages are always placed near the Terrorist spawn. To rescue the hostages, the counter-terrorist must press the USE button (Default: E) on the hostages and then lead them to the rescue zone, which is usually located near the counter-terrorist spawn. The secondary objective, which also secures a victory for either team, is to eliminate all members of the opposing team. When the round times out, the terrorist will win the round.

When the counter-terrorist begins interacting with the hostages, he is usually rewarded a small sum of cash, $150. A success rescue will reward the rescuer $1,000.

Compatible MapsEdit

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