Level could mean different things in different games. This is just to give a basic knowledge of the Leveling System.


A Level determines diffrent things, it could mean a Rank or something you need to get diffrent Skills or Spells. Some players may call you a "noob" forsay if your Level is low, lower levels may also ask higher level players for help on certin quests or class help/advice.

Advice to advance level in Diffrent GamesEdit


Grinding in MapleStoryEdit

This game is mostly about grinding anyway so if you are a lower level mage then you should go on lower level mobs and kill, mostly slimes. If you are Warrior or any other class then you should go kill something your level or above.

As you reach 30 or higher, depending on your class. You could kill whatever you want, or you could stick to something more lower level it may result in a even harder leveling time.

Questing in MapleStoryEdit

Maplestory questing is limided. You have dozens of quests you may choose from; but most of them are low exp as a result so do them for either the items or the good experiance and go to new places.


In Kerning or Ludi you may also do PQ's(Party Quests); basicly you just get a full party and talk to the Npc and go do it. Most players choose that to level since it's rather easy.

Combat ArmsEdit


There are many Ranks in Combat Arms. You get them from doing various grounds and level up in rank. A days work could get you several ranks.



Unlike Maplestory; this game is all about the questing.