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The WorldEdit

  • Monsters – The inhabitants of the Nexon Games, with fully animated pictures!
  • Locations – Explaining the different continents, towns, and more!
  • Maps – Not sure where something is located? Look it up here!
  • Quests – Adventures after adventures
  • Shops – Places to spend your mesos
  • Storage NPCs (Banks) – Need a place to stash your belongings?
  • List of NPCs – Full list of NPCs and where to find them.

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  • What you can do to help – A successful wiki relies on the contributions of many, many people. Check this page out to see how you can contribute to Nexon Wiki.
  • Vandalism – Nexonpedia policy on vandalism to keep information accurate.

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  • The Help Desk – Have a question about Any Nexon Game? That can't be answered by one of our guides? Feel free to ask your questions here! You may also post any comments and/or suggestions about the site here.
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