Mabinogi fishing

In-game screen shot of player harvesting a crop.

Within Mabinogi, each character can develop a large number of skills, though it is recommended that one should focus on a few particular skills at the beginning. Skills are divided into three categories: Life, Combat and Magic. By practicing different skills, such as cooking, fighting or playing instruments, the experience for these skills (and also for character level) will go up. Also, The character will receive bonuses if they wait longer on their skill, and get Perfect skill training.

However, Ability Points (obtained when the player levels up, ages or has completed important quests) are required to take each skill up a level. Each skill is ranked from F to A and then from 9 to 1 (F being the lowest and 1 being the highest possible rank of a given skill). Skill levels cannot be lowered once they are advanced, unless a Skill Untrain Capsule is used (only available to subscribers who have purchased the Advanced Play or the Fantasy Life Club packages).

Additionally, the AP required for ranking up may differ between Humans and Elves in certain skills.

Some Life skills (e.g. fishing, cooking, etc.) are also mini-games.

Below is a partial list of skills available in Mabinogi.

There is diffrent kinds of Skills: Click Below

Life Skills
Battle Skills
Magic Skills
Special Paladin Skills
Special Dark Knight Skills

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